Brickell Brac

Opening 24th June 4pm

True Brickell Brac is made in situ. It is the mess and memory of creation and the dust of its creators. The Brickell Brac is inherently in us and we shed it when we work together.

Created with extreme seriousness and extremely serious silliness, Brickell Brac happens when you remove your expectations, boundaries, and preconceived notions about what art can or should be. There is freedom in the mystery of knowing that you don’t know.

It’s all happening babes.

Brickell Brac is an evolving group of creatives that get together and make a mess at different locations around New Zealand.

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With Karl Fritsch, Laurie Steer, Paul Maseyk, Kalou Koefoed, Steve Bird, Turumeke Harrington, Janeen Page, Riccardo Scott, Sophia Smolenski and Callum Trudgeon.