Contrast necklace

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Oxidised sterling silver and freshwater white pearls.

The following care instructions will enable you to enjoy your pearls for a lifetime. After each wear its best to clean your pearls with a soft moist cloth. This prevents any build up of oils, perfume, dirt, perspiration and cosmetics. Let them dry fully before storing. Do not submerge pearls in water. When storing please refrain from coiling your necklace, lay it flat and loosely. Keep your pearls away from anything hard or sharp that may scratch the surface. Finally pearls do best in a moist environment so wearing them frequently keeps them from drying out.

When storing necklace please coil them loosely and naturally in coils. The wires have a memory so if they get kinks they need to be restrung. As long as the are in loose coils when they are stored no kinking should happen. It’s just when they are folded or bent or laying unevenly that kinks arise.