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Graphite and acrylic on canvas
1015mm x 760mm

Odelle's work draws on the human form to create a narrative that explores how we interact with the space around us. It acknowledges that every space has a history of movement – a complex integration of accumulation and change, transitioning and overlaying human activity through the lens of time.
Concepts of time and change, along with how we interact with our environment are current explorations in her paintings.
"I enjoy the more poetic qualities of our relationship with our surroundings, I see nature as not separate from us but as part of a complex inter-relationship.
Movement through space and time is relative and dynamic, as we change so does everything around us.
I use a video camera to gather information on a subject. Back in the studio I project the video and draw and paint simultaneously to create a feeling of time and movement within a frame.
My paintings create a narrative, every space has a story, a history of movement, a past, a present and a future”.