Rose Scallop

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Soraa Glass is the creation of Korean-born, Tāmaki Makaurau based designer Jark Pane. Her multi-disciplinary background in landscape architecture, spatial design, graphic design, and classical music influence the dialogues around her work. The confluence of movement & stillness within space is predominantly investigated through the quiet yet commanding presence of glass.

Each piece is made following the lost wax casting process, a labor intensive practice of patience. Fettled, kiln-cast, and polished by hand. Jark refined this technique when she assisted Katherine Rutecki during her formative years working at Lukeke Design. In 2017 the Lukeke team visited Murano, an Island in Italy known for its long tradition of glass-making to attend a masterclass by Maestro Davide Fuin. It was after this period of meeting Venetian glass artists and designers that Jark began exploring blown glass inspired by her time spent in Venice & Florence.

During the day she works for an urban design and masterplanning agency to ensure future communities have well designed spaces to connect and thrive in. The work is highly macro focused so working in glass, a scale that is intimate and detail oriented is very satisfying. Although Jark is most familiar with the process of lost wax casting, she continues to design mini-collections in blown forms. The duality of the two methods is challenging and therefore complimentary to her process.

Soraa Glass works are forever pieces that celebrate the beauty of the craft. An Ode to the salty landscapes of Aotearoa.